The Tevalis Ecosystem: Understanding Connected Tech

March 21, 2019

The Tevalis Ecosystem: Understanding Connected Tech21st March, by Samantha Weller

The rapid development of EPOS technology has transformed the hospitality industry and with new solutions continuously emerging and the rise of integrated platforms, further developments and innovations are not set to slow down any time soon.

However, with so many technology platforms now available, it can sometimes be difficult to understand exactly what a particular Epos suite consists of, how the various platforms connect and if there are any limitations or hidden costs.

In 2017, we created the Tevalis Technology Ecosystem model to provide operators with the transparency required, reflecting exactly what can be expected from our product set.

Layer 1 | On-Premise

The On-Premise layer includes a set of flexible software solutions predominantly located on site, in place to assist with the day to day operation of the business.

The Tevalis point of sale sits as the central hub of the venue and offers a bespoke system build for every client, alongside Handheld Ordering for speedy table service and our intuitive Kitchen Management System, designed to empower kitchen teams in a high pressure environment with effective and efficient digital processes.

For those who want to put full ordering control into their guests’ hands, self-service solutions can also be found within the On-Premise layer. Not only does this include self-service kiosks which have a dominant, growing presence across QSR businesses, but the latest in eMenu ordering too, which offers the flexibility and adaptability to suit any business type, across any sector.

Layer 2 | Enterprise Suite

The ‘behind the scenes’ logistics of an operation, are one of the most important aspects for management and owners. Having cloud based architecture in place is critical for teams who want to gain full control of their business across all areas.

Connecting seamlessly with the On-Premise solutions, Tevalis have developed an expanding set of enterprise modules including a mandatory ‘must-have’ for today’s hospitality led venues, Business Analytics.

Alongside this, operators who want to control, manage and analyse their stock can benefit from our comprehensive Stock Management tool. Further modules include Centralised Management for full branch level control, Customer Loyalty to help businesses remain above the competition and Cash Management to simplify the cashing up and banking process.

All modules are located within the Tevalis cloud based portal, which means head office and management can access them from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Layer 3 | Integrations

Within the technology market, operators can explore a range of specialist products across all areas and at Tevalis, we want to offer that level of expertise to our clients.

Tevalis’ aim is to expand and evolve the existing product suite as highlighted in the On-Premise and Enterprise layers of the Ecosystem, whilst providing a best of breed system through third party integrations where required.

Within the Integration layer, teams can browse through our connected platforms such as payment services, accounting and finance platforms, labour management, reservation, property management systems, gaming systems, ticketing and much more.

With over 80 accredited platforms currently integrated with Tevalis, our clients can maximise on the functionalities and benefits they experience when using their Tevalis system, whilst offering efficiencies through the management of just one seamlessly integrated technology ecosystem.

The Tevalis Technology Ecosystem reflects a growing product set which has been developed through years of consultation with clients and industry professionals, an approach which will remain at the forefront of our development strategies.

This means business owners now have the accessibility to explore technology which is at the forefront of the industry, in three clearly defined, yet evolving, layers. Overall, offering sectors the ability to create a bespoke Tevalis Technology Ecosystem to meet their specific business requirements for both now and in the future.

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