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We understand that stadiums and arenas require a flexible Point of Sale system which can meet the requirements of multiple areas across the venue.

To ensure that every business achieves this, Tevalis provide an ecosystem of EPOS, Enterprise and Integrated technology which can be tailored to meet all specific operational requirements.

From a bespoke Point of Sale system through to Handheld Ordering for executive boxes, integrated payment services and cloud-based management tools such as Business Analytics, the Tevalis Technology Ecosystem contains a variety of platforms to choose from which have been developed to push businesses forward during service and in analysis.

If you’re searching for an EPOS solution which can meet the requirements of any business type from a small sports venue or a large capacity arena, Tevalis are able to provide the complete solution.

Powerful Point Of Sale

The Tevalis Point of Sale has been built to handle the demanding pressures of fast paced environments, including a variety of features for stadiums to benefit from including interval ordering functionalities.

With a variety of time saving features, teams can be sure to provide the best customer experience through increased speed of service, allowing front of house to process more transactions in less time and therefore, increase sales. The flexibility that the Tevalis POS system provides, also enables it to adapt to multiple areas such as FnB or retail.”

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Handheld Ordering

Allow your guests to sit back, socialise and enjoy the game by taking orders at their table. The Tevalis Handheld Ordering platform enables front of house teams to move fluidly between tables and even areas such as executive boxes, taking and processing orders straight from one device without the need to revisit a static POS terminal. As a result, eliminating queues at the bar, increasing speed of service and enhancing customer satisfaction levels.

  • Cross platform technology which means that the choice of hardware, is entirely in your hands.
  • Available on the App Store, Handheld Ordering (TevX) is ready to install onto any device in minutes.
  • Increase levels of team productivity as less time is spent on manual data entry, leaving more time to focus on other important tasks such as delivering the best guest experience.
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Stock Management

The consequences of poor inventory management can impact any stadium or arena led business negatively, resulting in overstocking, un-tracked wastage, inability to monitor trends and reduced profit margins. Tevalis’ cloud-based management module, Stock Management, helps teams streamline these processes accurately and effectively by providing the tools to order, manage and analyse all aspects of their stock.

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Business Analytics

Understand how your business is performing in detail with the Business Analytics module, featuring over 200 key reports with filters for granular level analysis, an intuitive reporting dashboard, automated reporting and a selection of importing and exporting functionalities. Accessed through the cloud, Business Analytics has become a core management module for operators who want to elevate and transform their business with actionable business insights.

Did you know: Every Tevalis client with Business Analytics deployed, also has full access to the free TevBA application. This means key business analytics can be accessed on the move, straight from a smartphone device.

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Integrated Payments

An average sale takes over a minute to process, which during a busy shift can take up a lot of time. With our integrated payment platforms, this is reduced to just 20 seconds, helping your teams to increase speed of service.

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