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Visitor attractions such as theme parks, art galleries and museums, all require a flexible yet powerful Point of Sale suite, inclusive of efficient front of house platforms to increase speed of service alongside cloud-based enterprise tools for head office and management control.

To ensure this is achieved, Tevalis provide an ecosystem of EPOS, Enterprise and Integrated technology which can be tailored to meet all specific businesses requirements, across multiple operating areas such as FnB and retail. From a bespoke Point of Sale system through to integrated ticketing systems and industry leading cloud-based management tools, the Tevalis Technology Ecosystem contains an intuitive suite of software platforms to build a connected technology ecosystem.

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    Powerful Point Of Sale

    The Tevalis Point of Sale has been developed to ensure it can adapt in line with a variety of visitor attraction businesses and brands. Our approach with this, is to always provide a high level of customisation, meaning that each operation has a system which meets their full requirements across all sales areas such as FnB and retail. Key features include floorplan management, modifiers, option changes and automated promotion, whilst also ensuring that speed of service is always at the very centre.

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    Self-Service Kiosk

    Self-service kiosks can help businesses eliminate queues across FnB areas, whilst providing an interactive and engaging experience for the customer which provides them with full ordering and payment control. The Tevalis self service kiosks are completely customised for each business, ensuring it meets their full requirements from a functionality perspective whilst also putting key elements at the forefront such as automated up-selling and efficiency.

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    Handheld Ordering

    Our Handheld Ordering platform enables front of house teams to move fluidly between tables across a venue, taking and processing orders straight from one device without the need to revisit a static POS terminal. As a result, eliminating queues, waiting times and in return, increasing speed of service and enhancing customer satisfaction levels.

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    Business Analytics

    The Tevalis cloud-based management tool, Business Analytics, is a core enterprise platform for any Leisure business who wants to understand exactly how their operation is performing across all sales areas. With Business Analytics, management and head office have full access to granular data with over 200 reports which can be filtered for further analysis, alongside the use of automated reports, an intuitive dashboard overview and much more.

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    Stock Management

    Stock control for any leisure business is a vital process. With the right tools in place, teams can experience positive results surrounding their bottom-line profits, streamlined procurement processes and efficient inventory movement management.

    • Full end to end stock process from making an order, to shipment, internally located transfers through to stock takes, line checks and stock period management.
    • Have full control over dish costs with menu modelling and recipe engineering tools, linked seamlessly to the live sales menus on your Tevalis EPOS.
    • Nutritional and Allergen profiling against each dish, which can then be printed out straight from the POS and handed to your guests when required.
    • Manage your key stock processes at the touch of a button with the TevStock application, developed to put efficiency and accuracy at the very forefront of your stock processes with features such as barcode scanning stock takes straight from your smartphone.
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    Mobile Ordering

    Mobile Ordering platforms provide key benefits to a range of businesses, including the reduction of operational costs, elimination of queues and an increase in revenue. To ensure that Tevalis are always able offer a best of breed technology suite with maximum functionality, we seamlessly integrate our On-Premises and Enterprise platforms with a range of other experts who specialise in Mobile Ordering solutions.

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