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The central focus for competitive socialising venues is to deliver memorable experiences to visitors, whether a few rounds of mini golf in the afternoon or modern fairground games in the evening at a social entertainment bar.

At Tevalis, we understand that these venues require a flexible yet powerful Point of Sale suite, inclusive of efficient front-of-house platforms to increase the speed of service alongside cloud-based enterprise tools for head office and management control. To ensure this is achieved, Tevalis provide an ecosystem of EPOS, Enterprise and Integrated technology that can be tailored to meet all specific business requirements, across multiple operating areas such as FnB and retail.

From a bespoke Point of Sale system to Handheld Ordering and cloud-based reporting tools, the Tevalis Technology Ecosystem features a variety of platforms to help social gaming operations build their connected technology ecosystem.

Over 2000 sites worldwide trust us for their point-of-sale solutions.


Find out how we can help increase your speed of service, maximise revenue and profit margins, and scale your business with our complete hospitality technology.

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    Powerful Point Of Sale

    The Tevalis Point of Sale has been developed with fast paced environments in mind. With a variety of time saving features available in the system, teams can be sure to provide the best customer experience through increased speed of service, allowing front of house teams such as bartenders, to process more transactions in a shorter period of time and therefore, increase sales.

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    Handheld Ordering

    Let your customers enjoy their experience without queueing for drinks at the bar, with our Handheld Ordering platform. This intelligent software application enables front of house teams to move fluidly across a venue, taking and processing orders straight from one device without having to revisit a static POS terminal. As a result, reducing queues, waiting times and in return, increasing speed of service and enhancing customer satisfaction levels.

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    Stock Management

    The consequences of poor inventory management can impact any business negatively, resulting in overstocking, un-tracked wastage, inability to monitor trends and reduced profit margins. Tevalis’ cloud-based management module, Stock Management, helps teams to streamline these processes accurately and effectively by providing the tools to order, manage and analyse all aspects of their stock.

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    Integrated Reservation Systems

    Reduce administration time on managing bookings and instead, integrate your Tevalis Point of Sale with a reservation system expert. This third-party integration means that reservations can be managed straight from the Point of Sale, with all booking changes made by the customer automatically updated too for increased transparency.

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    Integrated Payments

    An average sale takes over a minute to process. During peak hours, this can equate to a substantial amount of time for front of house teams and the customers waiting. With our integrated Tevalis EPOS and payment platforms, this time is reduced to just 20 seconds, helping your teams to increase speed of service during those peak operational hours.

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