Tevalis integrate seamlessly with a variety of other experts in their specialised fields to deliver a best of breed, flexible technology suite.

A Point of Sale provider which hosts a suite of integrated technology platforms provides operators with the ability to access a variety of leading solutions, across a multitude of key areas. Alongside this, it offers the flexibility to change a specific platform later down the line if required, rather than the entire system.

This is why Tevalis integrate with 80+ other experts in their specific fields, providing our clients with best of breed technology systems which are seamlessly connected in their entirety.

Payment Services

We integrate our EPOS with the industry’s leading payment services. Easy to use, portable Chip and Pin terminals are available as well as fixed units, enhancing speed of service and accuracy across your business.


Our comprehensive integration with reservation systems offers ultimate efficiency as it allows teams to manage one seamlessly integrated platform during service, rather than two. Any bookings and updates made by your customers, reflects onto your Point of Sale is a designated bookings area.

Finance & Accounting

Our integration with leading accountancy and finance platforms, enables management and head office to consolidate and automate various accounting processes across multiple areas of the business.

Workforce Management

We understand that employees want to build an employee schedule quickly and efficiently, whilst taking holidays, availability and payroll into account. To ensure that’s the case, we integrate with market leaders in Staff Management solutions.

Property Management Services

Delivering a unique and intuitive restaurant and accommodation management solution, Tevalis partner with a variety of key PMS platforms to offer connected technology specifically tailored to Hotels, BnB’s, Inns and Guesthouses.

Gift Vouchers

What better way to reach new customers than providing your already loyal visitors, with the option to gift? Experience a seamlessly integrated EPOS and gift voucher system which enables voucher redemptions to be processed in seconds.


Stay ahead of the competition with advanced intuitive Customer Loyalty platforms, offering you and your business with the flexibility to discover a range of membership and loyalty options, including custom CRM mobile applications.

Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering platforms provide key benefits to a range of businesses, including the reduction of operational costs, elimination of queues and an increase in revenue. To ensure that Tevalis are always able to offer a best of breed technology suite with maximum functionality, we seamlessly integrate our On-Premises and Enterprise platforms with a range of other experts who specialise in Mobile Ordering solutions


Manage your entire ticketing process before, during and after your customers visit with a variety of leading ticketing platforms which integrate with the Tevalis Point of Sale system.


Consolidate your technology and focus on your customers, whilst offering a competitive edge and additional revenue stream, with integrated Tevalis EPOS and industry leading delivery platforms.


Want to way to manage busy walk in periods? Or do you operate a QSR/fast food venue? Having a pager system may be the solution for your business to maximise on efficiency and speed of service.

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