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Increased Sales Heightened Customer Satisfaction Levels Reduced Queuing Times Bespoke Development State Of The Art Hardware

For many venues, self-service kiosk solutions are the answer to improving speed of service and reducing queuing times, taking customers on an easy ordering journey whilst putting more choice into their hands. For a business it can help reduce over heads including labour costs, all helping to return a better bottom line profit.

Our Approach

Every kiosk implementation at Tevalis is bespoke to ensure that it meets your exact business requirements and the software flows in a way which works for your customers. To achieve this, we consult with our clients to determine the exact functionalities that they want, analysing the various customer journeys that can take place, where we take into consideration speed of service, usability and up sell opportunities.

Implementing a self-service system with Tevalis includes:

Consultation and project management

Bespoke software development

Design implementation

Hardware customisation and configuration

Increased Sales

Experience an increase in revenue with tailored up-selling and recommendation features. As your customers freely browse through the menu, the Tevalis software does the rest of the work, showing product prompts and recommendations against specific dishes based on pre-set algorithms. Would you like to make that a meal for an extra 60p?

Heightened Customer Satisfaction Levels

Deploying a self-service kiosk into your business means providing your customers with full control over their ordering process. As a result, improving efficiency for your guests who can browse, order and pay in their own time. This means your teams can focus on delivering the best food and service to each guest.

Reduced Queuing Times

No longer will your teams be under pressure to process orders and take payments in a matter of seconds whilst overlooking onto a long queue of customers. Adding a self-service kiosk solution into your business reduces those queues as an additional method of ordering is added into the venue. As a result, increasing speed of service which is key for any fast food or quick service operation.

Bespoke Development

Our self-service kiosks are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of each operation, taking into consideration extensive customer journeys, intuitive up-sell opportunity algorithms and seamlessly integrated payment integrations. A unique software solution built on proven foundations for a variety of sectors.

State Of The Art Hardware

At Tevalis, we also provide a variety of hardware options to suit any venue aesthetic, including standalone kiosks, pole mounted tablets or fixed touchscreen till points. We believe it’s important that your Tevalis self-service software runs smoothly at all times, therefore our selection of hardware recommendations are based off the specification of the units to ensure they never let you or your customers down during service.

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