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    Create an unforgettable experience for your patrons with our award-winning EPOS technology

    Cinemas require a robust Point of Sale system with an array of efficient functionalities to boost service speed during peak hours across all sales areas. To help teams achieve this, Tevalis provides an ecosystem of EPOS, Enterprise, and Integrated technology, tailored to meet each business’s specific needs.

    Our bespoke Point of Sale system seamlessly integrates with ticketing systems, supports integrated payment services, and offers enterprise management tools such as Business Analytics. The Tevalis Technology Ecosystem features leading platforms to create a connected technology suite designed for cinema operations. Our solution includes cinema-specific features including ticketing integrations, as well as mobile POS for roaming concession and merchandise sales.

    We integrate with all leading ticketing software, including Spektrix and Tessitura, as well as audience e-ticketing and messaging services like CrowdEngage, providing operators with a comprehensive customer view. Our powerful, multi-department reporting and enterprise-level stock control tools complete our full EPOS ecosystem, delivering thorough insights into your front-of-house and back-of-house operations.

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    Our choice of industry-leading integrations is the strongest in the hospitality industry

    With over 150 partners, we regularly onboard new providers, with the capacity to work with alternative platforms needed and requested by our clients. From payment services and property management systems to loyalty platforms and delivery providers, we integrate with all areas of restaurant operations.

    4 x Faster Payments


    Average sales can be reduced from one minute to 20 seconds.

    • Pay at Table
    • Turn tables 4 times faster
    • Reduce human error

    Increase Mobile Ordering

    Mobile Ordering - Cinema

    Empowering your customers to order in a way that suits them.

    • Improve service quality
    • Streamline the order process
    • Increase customer spending by 20-40%

    Reliable Ticketing Integrations

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    Streamline your visitors’ journey and gain data on customer purchases and ticket sales.

    • Engagement before, during, and after
    • Complete event control
    • Track guest spending

    Real-Time Stock Management

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    Our Stock Management dashboard utilises live updates so you can monitor stock in real-time.

    • Live updates on deliveries and stock values
    • Inventory, Stock Period, and Company Dashboards
    • Reduce staff hours by up to 70%

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    Integrated Partners

    Over 2000 sites worldwide trust us for their point-of-sale solutions.


    Find out how we can help increase your speed of service, maximise revenue and profit margins, and scale your business with our complete hospitality technology.

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      Hear From Our Client Community


      How we helped Riverside Studios Flourish flourish

      • Using technology that was fast, adaptable and flexible
      • Faster service speed through TevX handheld ordering
      • Integrated more granular reporting

      “Tevalis has given me the opportunity to not have to waste my time dealing with EPOS problems on a daily or weekly basis. The challenges that they help to remove from my day give me more time that I can spend on actually improving the whole customer journey.”

      Vagabond Wines

      How we helped Vagabond flourish

      • Integrated EPOS with their unique wine machines
      • Increased speed of service with handheld ordering
      • Simplified stock management

      “Tevalis gives us a lot of freedom with functionalities, discounts, and easily being able to manage difficult situations: splitting payments, voiding items, error-correcting. The functionalities are simple for our teams, but they are also reportable in a way that we can track. Working with Tevalis gives us peace of mind: it’s a stable and reliable system.”

      Colchester Zoo

      How we helped Colchester Zoo flourish

      • Improved communication across all F&B areas
      • Fast customer service
      • Integrated member benefits

      “The system is so user-friendly, our teams adapted to it very well in terms of speed of service. We have small kiosks and larger teams in the main restaurant, we have quick service areas, grab-and-go windows and retail locations. Improved communications with a system that makes it all easy are so important for us, especially during our busy season.”


      How we helped Lulu Wild flourish

      • Upgraded the current EPOS system
      • Integrated technology in key business areas
      • Integrated more granular reporting

      "I would recommend Tevalis to any other business as it takes the stress out of the day-to-day operations and you can focus on what truly matters to make a successful business happy."


      How we helped Parogon Group flourish

      • Complete stock management across all sites
      • Automated allergen and nutritional information updates
      • Faster service speed through TevX handheld ordering

      “Tevalis day to day brings us a whole ecosystem that we’re getting from the moment our guests walk through the door. Moving to Tevalis to us was a very good decision. We needed to move on as a business and Tevalis helped us move forward.”


      How we helped Caravan Restaurants flourish

      “We deployed Tevalis back in 2012 for the proposal of taking over our previous till system, I got a very family-oriented vibe from them and were a company that we thought we could grow with from the early days and we’ve done exactly that.”

      Solutions to solve your biggest challenges

      Bespoke EPOS

      The Tevalis EPOS comprises robust hardware and intuitive software to provide a complete point-of-sale for restaurants. Essential features such as graphical floorplan, table management, EPOS designer, and more, work seamlessly to decrease time spent at the POS and increase focus on your customers.

      • The operations dashboard allows quick data analysis on-site, easy stock monitoring, and more accurate tracking of spend, all in one easy-to-view space.
      • Reduce your average payment process to just 20 seconds with seamlessly integrated payment service providers.
      • Quick table tools help your team increase the speed of service whilst table management provides visual table status indicators for ease.
      Learn more about EPOS

      TevX Handheld Ordering

      Combine your restaurant EPOS system with innovative handheld ordering software to reduce wait times and improve your customers’ journey. Our TevX platform enables swift and easy taking and processing of orders without the need to run back and forth to a POS, meaning your customers order quicker, eat quicker and pay quicker.

      • The TevX software can be installed on any device of your choice, including IOS, Android and Windows devices, creating a wireless ordering platform.
      • Our modern Restful Service technology means you can continue to process orders offline and with no database connection.
      • Reduce time spent on data entry: orders can be processed directly through the software so your team can move on to the next order quickly.
      Learn more about TevX

      Self-Service Kiosks

      Self-service kiosks present significant opportunities to increase sales and shorten customer journeys, whilst reducing staff labour and costs. Fully branded imagery boosts your brand awareness whilst making the purchase experience more memorable.

      • Choose kiosk hardware that matches the style and feel of your venue: wall-mounted, free-standing, and counter-mounted options are available.
      • Multi-brand kiosks enable multi-site operators and groups to display their range of brands and products for increased customer engagement.
      • Tailor the kiosk journey to the fit of your business, whether that’s a simplified flow or additional upsell and promotional opportunities.
      Self-Service Kiosks

      Stock Management

      Reduce the damaging impact of poor inventory management with Tevalis’ comprehensive tool. Intelligent functionalities streamline stock processes with your team easily able to monitor orders, stock levels, wastage, and sales trends.

      • The Stock Management dashboard utilises live updates so you can monitor your stock, deliveries, and purchases in real time.
      • Recipe engineering tools increase ingredient accuracy with exact cost price per recipe, sales price in the POS, and gross profit made.
      • Automate procurement processes through an EDI solution. This provides a single point of control whilst seamlessly integrating with your chosen accountancy platform.
      Learn more about Stock Management

      Business Analytics

      This cloud-based management tool is an essential addition to restaurant EPOS systems. In-depth data and analysis empower you to make proactive decisions to improve your operations further, and ultimately achieve key business objectives.

      • Operators have full access to required data available through over 200 specific reports, including analysis on sales, service, security, cash up, and KMS.
      • Automated reporting provides key and relevant data to specific users in a quick and convenient way without the need for manual searching.
      • The dashboard summarises top-level data in easy-to-view graphical formats, as well as live updating of your latest sales feed.
      Learn more about Business Analytics

      Meet the evolving requirements of your business


      Streamline and simplify your processes and operations


      Easily analyse data in one easy-to-view space


      We work in all sectors across the hospitality industry, including fine dining restaurants, casual dining restaurants, hotels, quick service venues, leisure attractions, stadiums, theatres, social gaming venues, pubs, bars, nightclubs, and food halls. We also cater to small retail areas within a wider F&B environment.

      There is no set cost for our technology. By consulting with our EPOS system experts, we will determine your exact requirements and business needs and build the right system from there. This includes different hardware needs, features and functions that require bespoke development, and integrations with third-party providers. Once these discussions are complete, a tailored price will be quoted.

      Depending on what your requirements are, we offer a wide range of different hardware that can be best suited to different operations. This can include POS terminals, self-service kiosks, kitchen management screens, and more. We also enable clients to use any hardware that they currently have, including handheld devices or tablets.

      We integrate with over 150 leading providers, from payment services and reservation systems to delivery and mobile ordering applications. You can choose as many or as few integrations as your business needs and utilise the benefits of having an integrated solution.

      Our implementation process begins once your new system has been quoted for and confirmed. From there your project will be managed by our team of expert project managers who will be in contact with you every step of the way. Generally, this process can take between 6-8 weeks to be completed and ready for Go Live. This includes on-site training and installation (projects with Self-Service Kiosks tend to take longer). We are a flexible business so whatever your timescales talk to us to help.

      After the EPOS system has been installed, Go-Live has commenced, and the system is in use, you will be supported by our Early-Life team. This ensures direct contact between you and our Early-Life team who will troubleshoot and guide you through the first 2 weeks of using your new system. Once that period has come to an end, our 24/7 support experts will be on the other end of the line whenever you need them, 364 days a year.


      A complete electronic point of sale solution in one place


      24/7 support, 364 days a year


      Continuous investments in POS software development

      More tools to help you succeed


      Handheld Ordering


      Kitchen Management


      Digital eMenu


      Self-Service Kiosks

      Find out how we can help elevate your business

      If you'd like to discuss the opportunity to partner with Tevalis, and create a flexible and scalable EPOS system for you, please complete the form.

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