Manage your bankings with integrated cash management

Introducing our Cash Management tool which integrates directly with your Tevalis Epos for improved efficiency, clearer analysis and heightened accuracy when cashing up and processing bankings.

For many businesses, managing cash floats and cash ups for multiple assets around the venue, can be a time consuming and difficult process. That’s exactly why Tevalis have launched our Cash Management module as part of our enterprise suite.


As this module integrates seamlessly with the Tevalis point of sale, users can manage and analyse cash movements, including cash on site, cash banked and amounts ready for collection.




With our suite of reports available, management can easily gain insights into cash operations on site.



With an interaction log and dashboard, users can keep track of all banking’s, cash ups and cash on site.

Increased Efficiency

Our step by step cash up wizard increases efficiency and decreases time spent on end of day cash ups.


Minimised Errors

Record all assets in your venue, allowing for potential tender variances to be traced for simplified analysis and rectification.

Increased Transparency

All cash ups are accurately recorded within the module and therefore, head office and management have an in depth historical log of previous and pending banking’s to gain more transparency into the business.

Reduced Administration

As all recordings of money taken are synced from the Pos and into the module, using the tool requires less manual administration such as entering data on spreadsheets.

Efficient & Easy

Alongside offering innovative functionality that enables operators to analyse and manage their cash on site, we’ve ensured that the tool is extremely easy to use for increased efficiency.

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