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    Our EPOS features

    Table Management

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    Easily manage all areas of your venue with fully customisable floor plans.

    • Increase speed of service with quick table tools
    • Create and manage floorplans with a true layout of your venue
    • Visual table status indicators

    EPOS Designer


    Our bespoke system build tool is tailored to each operation’s exact requirements for design and functionality.

    • Full training received
    • Easily add new buttons and functions
    • Full customisation of fonts and colours

    Operations Dashboard


    Quickly analyse data on-site in one easy-to-view space.

    • Monitor products low in stock
    • Analyse daily sales against daily labour costs
    • Keep accurate track of spends

    Product Promotions

    Promotions Image V1-min

    With automated promotions in place, simply put your order through and let the system do the work.

    • Reduce human error
    • Influence customer spending habits
    • Easily set up definable discounts

    Reservation Systems

    Reservations Image V1-min

    A dedicated area to search for bookings, add notes or assign specific bookings to tables.

    • Eliminate cross bookings
    • Automatically update changes to customer bookings
    • Keep administration minimal and efficiency high

    Integrated Payments

    Integrated Payments Image-min

    Reduce your average payment process to just 20 seconds with seamlessly integrated payment service providers.

    • Pay at table options available
    • Improve speed of service, customer satisfaction, and productivity
    • Fully automated reconciliation 

    Years of Experience


    Live Sites


    Devices Supported


    Integrated Partners

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    How we helped Fat Macy’s flourish

    • Access to essential business performance reporting
    • Simplified processes and training for staff
    • Ability to quickly change menus, even remotely

    “It’s great knowing that we are using a system not only designed for us, but that has other aspects because when we’re thinking about growth and expansion there’s no stress in thinking of onboarding a new system. It’s something that we know that we can grow into instead.”


    How we helped Dirty Bones flourish

    • Estate-wide control over 5 sites
    • End-to-end reporting and analysis
    • Improved kitchen efficiency

    “I’ve got remote access to all the sites. It doesn’t matter if I’m in East London and there’s a problem in West London, I can easily dial into a terminal and support the team. I find that’s probably one of my favourite things. You get everything that you need from the POS and a bonus is the ability to integrate with many platforms to cater to your services. During service or after service, plus guidance on new platforms that are coming out.”


    How we helped Vagabond Wines flourish

    • Integrated EPOS with their unique wine machines
    • Increased speed of service with handheld ordering
    • Simplified stock management

    “Tevalis gives us a lot of freedom with functionalities, discounts, and easily being able to manage difficult situations: splitting payments, voiding items, error-correcting. The functionalities are simple for our teams, but they are also reportable in a way that we can track. Working with Tevalis gives us peace of mind: it’s a stable and reliable system.”

    EPOS designed for hospitality, by hospitality

    Developed in-house through consultation with our clients and industry professionals, our EPOS is an intuitive and powerful infrastructure with the functionalities to meet the demands and evolving requirements of the hospitality industry.

    Flexible and scalable, this technology is customisable to the needs of your business whilst providing the capacity to grow alongside you.

    Easily identify trends in performance, such as top-selling items, to tailor your menus, maximise margins, and increase profitability.

    Make business decisions from anywhere, at anytime

    Business Analytics

    Ensure proactive decision-making based on live performance data and reporting.

    Stock Management

    Eliminate manual stock management processes and streamline supplier ordering.

    Centralised Management

    Reduce administration and make estate-wide changes from any internet-connected device.

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    Seamlessly connected EPOS

    Payment Services

    Integrate with industry-leading payment services across the globe.

    Reservation Systems

    Manage bookings with ease, straight from your EPOS.

    Order and Pay

    Give your customers more options with intuitive mobile ordering.

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    Supporting you from the start

    Project Management

    Our dedicated project managers will support you during the deployment phases.

    System Build

    From installation to Go-Live, we build your system to meet your exact requirements.

    Bespoke Development

    Adaptable solutions that grow and evolve alongside your business.

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    Meet the evolving requirements of your business


    Streamline and simplify your operations


    Analyse data in one easy-to-view space


    We work in all the sectors across the hospitality industry, including fine dining restaurants, casual dining restaurants, hotels, quick service venues, leisure attractions, stadiums, theatres, social gaming venues, pubs, bars, nightclubs, and food halls. We also cater to small retail areas within a wider F&B environment.

    There is no set cost for our technology. By consulting with our EPOS experts, we will determine your exact requirements and business needs and build the right system from there. This includes different hardware needs, features and functions that require bespoke development, and integrations with third-party providers. Once these discussions are complete, a tailored price will be quoted.

    Depending on what your requirements are, we offer a wide range of different hardware that can be best suited to different operations. This can include POS, self-service kiosks, kitchen management screens, and more. We also enable clients to use any hardware that they currently have, including handheld devices or tablets.

    We integrate with over 150 leading providers, from payment services and reservation systems to delivery and mobile ordering applications. You can choose as many or as few integrations as your business needs and utilise the benefits of having an integrated solution.

    Our implementation process begins once your new system has been quoted for and confirmed. From there your project will be managed by our team of expert project managers who will be in contact with you every step of the way. Generally, this process can take between 6-8 weeks to be completed and ready for Go Live. This includes on-site training and installation (projects with Self-Service Kiosks tend to take longer). We are a flexible business so whatever your timescales talk to us to help.

    After the system has been installed, Go-Live has commenced, and the system is in use, you will be supported by our Early-Life team. This ensures direct contact between you and our Early-Life team who will troubleshoot and guide you through the first 2 weeks of using your new system. Once that period has come to an end, our 24/7 support experts will be on the other end of the line whenever you need them, 365 days a year.

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