Cash Management

Manage banking’s and cash ups easily and efficiently, with the Tevalis Cash Management module.

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We know how chaotic the cashing up process can be for management, especially on those busy weekend shifts. The Cash Management module provides the tools required to help streamline this process, whilst resolving issues which operators may be facing within this area of the business.

With an array of comprehensive features, this tool provides users with full transparency into the money on site and money banked, allowing for potential tender variances to be traced for simplified analysis and rectification.

Banking Wizard

Processing banking’s has never been so easy with the Banking Wizard functionality. Users are able to manage their cash ups and banking’s in an efficient manner, guiding the user through a step by step banking wizard to help eliminate issues which occurs when manually calculating cash on site. Each step within the wizard, is specific to each particular site and has areas for all assets within a venue.


The banking’s section within the module, displays all outstanding and historical banking’s made as an overview. This includes details such as the house float amount, the variance, whether or not it’s been banked and more. Therefore, management and head office can view the information they require, giving them transparency into all cash on site and banking’s made. Each individual banking can be looked into even further, showing a full audit log alongside the assets, who created the banking and more.


The Cash Management dashboard provides an overview of your entire estate, so management and head office can clearly view the activity of banking’s across all sites.


Users can issue handovers, which do require authorisation to ensure the process is always highly secure. This means all handovers can be easily monitored and tracked.


To ensure all analysis and rectification is made simple, assets are configured in the set-up area. This consists of all areas which hold money such as PDQ and cash.

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