Improve the speed of service and reduce business costs with self service kiosks

For many venues, self service kiosks are the answer to improving speed of service and reducing queuing times. This solution takes customers on an easy ordering journey putting more choice in the their hands. This shows that as a business, you are paying attention to current technology trends and are looking for ways to improve your customers experience. For a business it can help reduce over heads including labor costs, all helping to return a better bottom line profit.

Faster Speed of Service

Every user has full control of their order which improves efficiency, maximizes speed of service and minimizes queuing times.

Seamless Hardware

We offer a selection of hardware to suit various venues aesthetics, also making sure that they function quickly and smoothly at all times.

Bespoke Development

Our solutions are tailor made to meet our clients reqauirements, always ensuring the outcome is beneficial for both the operator and customer.

Increased Sales

Proven to increase sales through up-selling as customers have an interactive space to freely browse through the entire menu visually.

Many operators are experiencing the benefits of a self service offering. With customers more interested in technology than ever, self service kiosks are one popular way to order with interactivity whilst also improving speed of service and even maximizing sales and revenue.

We always want to ensure our clients receive the best technology solution for their business. Therefore, with every kiosk implementation, we consult with our clients to determine the exact functionalities that they want.

We also look very closely to the various customer journeys that can take place, where we take into consideration speed of service, usability and up sell opportunities.

Implementing a self service system with us includes:

Consultation and project management stage.

Software development and design implementation.

Hardware and full customization.

State of the Art

Be at the forefront of new technology with innovative kiosk solutions, whilst gaining benefits for both the business and customers.

Modern & Smart Design

Not only do we offer an array of sleek hardware, but we also consult with external design companies to ensure visual standards are always met.

Full Functionality

Our experienced development team always make certain that the software focuses on full functionality, tailor made to the clients specific requirements.

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