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Meet and exceed your restaurant’s objectives with a comprehensive digital hospitality landscape. The Tevalis Ecosystem encompasses all areas of operations, from robust EPOS to intuitive management tools, and can be tailored to the exact requirements of your business. Whether you run a casual dining venue or need the right technology to achieve fine dining and Michelin-starred quality of service, we have the best solutions to help you succeed.

Our EPOS systems for restaurants include powerful features as standard: aiding the fast and effective input of orders, automated communication of orders to the kitchen directly from the POS, detailed reporting and business analysis for proactive decision-making, and more. We can create an environment where communication is clear and greater focus can be given to your customers and their dining experience.

Bespoke EPOS

The Tevalis EPOS comprises robust hardware and intuitive software to provide a complete point-of-sale for restaurants. Essential features such as graphical floorplan, table management, EPOS designer, and more, work seamlessly to decrease time spent at the POS and increase focus on your customers.

  • The operations dashboard allows quick data analysis on-site, easy stock monitoring, and more accurate tracking of spend, all in one easy-to-view space.
  • Reduce your average payment process to just 20 seconds with seamlessly integrated payment service providers.
  • Quick table tools help your team increase the speed of service whilst table management provides visual table status indicators for ease.
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TevX Handheld Ordering

Combine your restaurant EPOS system with innovative handheld ordering software to reduce wait times and improve your customers’ journey. Our TevX platform enables swift and easy taking and processing of orders without the need to run back and forth to a POS, meaning your customers order quicker, eat quicker and pay quicker.

  • The TevX software can be installed on any device of your choice, including IOS, Android and Windows devices, creating a wireless ordering platform.
  • Our modern Restful Service technology means you can continue to process orders offline and with no database connection.
  • Reduce time spent on data entry: orders can be processed directly through the software so your team can move on to the next order quickly.
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Kitchen Management

Increase kitchen productivity and efficiency with a comprehensive kitchen management system, completely adaptable to your operational needs. Communication across all areas of your venue is improved, from front-of-house ordering to kitchen performance.

  • Tailor your system to meet your kitchen structure, for example, introduce separate screens for different prep stations.
  • Intuitive functionalities such as Bump, Alerts, Flash Seconds, Bump Messages, Out Of Stock, and more, further streamline processes.
  • Layouts, permissions, fonts, colours, and functionalities can be customised to your business requirements and preferences.
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Top Integration Tools with Tevalis

Tevalis’ choice of industry-leading integrations is the strongest in the hospitality industry. With over 130 partners, we regularly onboard new providers, with the capacity to work with alternative platforms needed and requested by our clients. From payment services and property management systems to loyalty platforms and delivery providers, we integrate with all areas of restaurant operations.



Reduce your average payment process to just 20 seconds with seamlessly integrated payment service providers. Our industry-leading partners offer pay-at-table options for an effortless experience.



Pre-booking tables is a key part of a customer’s experience with a restaurant. With Tevalis’ reservations partners, you enable customers to check availability at your venue, reserve tables, and more.



Help reduce your restaurant’s carbon footprint by integrating with an industry-leading sustainability platform. These companies provide various ways to offset the impact of your operations on the environment.


Order and Pay

With the development of technology, customers now favour fast and simple ordering methods. Integrating with online order and pay platforms enhances the customer experience along with benefits to restaurants.

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Stock Management

Reduce the damaging impact of poor inventory management with Tevalis’ comprehensive tool. Intelligent functionalities streamline stock processes with your team easily able to monitor orders, stock levels, wastage, and sales trends.

  • The Stock Management dashboard utilises live updates so you can monitor your stock, deliveries, and purchases in real time.
  • Recipe engineering tools increase ingredient accuracy with exact cost price per recipe, sales price in the POS, and gross profit made.
  • Automate procurement processes through an EDI solution. This provides a single point of control whilst seamlessly integrating with your chosen accountancy platform.
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Business Analytics

This cloud-based management tool is an essential addition to restaurant EPOS systems. In-depth data and analysis empower you to make proactive decisions to improve your operations further, and ultimately achieve key business objectives.

  • Operators have full access to required data available through over 200 specific reports, including analysis on sales, service, security, cash up, and KMS.
  • Automated reporting provides key and relevant data to specific users in a quick and convenient way without the need for manual searching.
  • The dashboard summarises top-level data in easy-to-view graphical formats, as well as live updating of your latest sales feed.
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How we helped Fat Macy’s flourish

  • Access to essential business performance reporting
  • Simplified processes and training for staff
  • Ability to quickly change menus, even remotely

“It’s great knowing that we are using a system not only designed for us, but that has other aspects because when we’re thinking about growth and expansion there’s no stress in thinking of onboarding a new system. It’s something that we know that we can grow into instead.”


How we helped Dirty Bones flourish

  • Estate-wide control over 5 sites
  • End-to-end reporting and analysis
  • Improved kitchen efficiency

“I’ve got remote access to all the sites. It doesn’t matter if I’m in East London and there’s a problem in West London, I can easily dial into a terminal and support the team. I find that’s probably one of my favourite things. You get everything that you need from the POS and a bonus is the ability to integrate with many platforms to cater to your services. During service or after service, plus guidance on new platforms that are coming out.”


How we helped Vagabond Wines flourish

  • Integrated EPOS with their unique wine machines
  • Increased speed of service with handheld ordering
  • Simplified stock management

“Tevalis gives us a lot of freedom with functionalities, discounts, and easily being able to manage difficult situations: splitting payments, voiding items, error-correcting. The functionalities are simple for our teams, but they are also reportable in a way that we can track. Working with Tevalis gives us peace of mind: it’s a stable and reliable system.”

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