Our Story

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Delivering for hospitality since 2005

The Tevalis story is a story of business growth, close working relationships with our hospitality clients, and investing in innovative solutions that provide immediate and sustained benefits. James Cook, Managing Director and Founder: “Tevalis is founded on listening to the industry to create solutions that match their needs, today and tomorrow. We give our clients and their users precisely what they need: leading-edge technology and processes to optimise their F&B operations and enable them to keep pace with changing market and consumer demands.”


Who we work for

The flexibility and scalability of our industry-leading technology enables Tevalis to support hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes, from single independent operators to multi-site chains and leading brands, in the UK and internationally. We currently support on-premises systems and enterprise platforms for more than 2,000 sites and 8,000 client installations. Our clients operate in key sectors that include Restaurants, Food Halls, Pubs and Clubs, Quick Service and Kiosks, Hotels, Theatres and Cinemas, Private Members’ Clubs, Hotels, Leisure Venues and Stadia & Arena.


Our story

Having experienced the world of software and solutions development as an Operations Manager in the cashless payment industry, James Cook took the entrepreneurial leap to venture out as a business owner in his own right. He saw a huge opportunity to develop and tailor ePOS systems that would meet the ever expanding needs of hospitality operators. The journey began in July 2005 when the company’s first software developer was employed to begin delivering Tevalis’ next-generation point of sale solutions, and Hospitality EPOS Solutions Ltd was born (later rebranded to Tevalis). The immediate strategy was to develop a POS solution and distribute licenses through a reseller channel.

In 2008 the company rebranded as Tevalis, at the same time as the further evolution of its technology, reaching beyond EPOS to cover multiple areas of F&B operations. The business continued to grow and build new relationships in the hospitality industry. From this point, Tevalis was ready to offer solutions and services direct to hospitality operators, with notable early adopters of Tevalis systems including Restaurants Etc (Mark Hix’s restaurant group), The Roundhouse theatre in Camden, and nightclubs such as Manchester’s K2. A period of rapid growth ensued and James Humble (Tevalis’ Commercial Director for 11 years) joined the company to drive the acquisition and onboarding of more key contracts. This included onboarding Historic Royal Palaces, Ampersand to name a few prestigious clients during his early tenure in the role.

As revenues and headcount increased, Tevalis continued working with clients to deliver focused solutions and seamless integration with other best-of-breed systems. This end-to-end approach now includes Tevalis technology providing kitchen management, self-service kiosks and stock management, business intelligence and cash management systems. By 2017, our team was supporting more than 6,500 EPOS systems globally. Launched in 2018, our Technology Ecosystem now supports more than 100 partner integrations.

In recent years we have expanded our operations into New Zealand and Dubai and continued evolving our technology to include handheld and mobile ordering. During the global pandemic in 2020-22 our business continued to grow, attracting new clients and delivering new installations.


How we work: 100% hospitality focused

James Cook: “We’ve always believed in the strength of partnerships, collaborative working and integration: understanding client requirements then combining our deep technical know-how with hands-on industry experience to deliver focused solutions that work as intended and deliver measurable ROI.”

The Tevalis approach is founded on continuous investment in research and innovation and in working alongside clients and other industry professionals to ensure we meet changing market needs and always stay relevant. The Tevalis Technology Ecosystem continues to evolve, offering clients more and enabling them to run their operations, improve the guest experience and achieve their business objectives in faster, more efficient and more profitable ways.