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Every Quick Service Restaurant operation requires a powerful Point of Sale technology suite which puts the customer experience and speed of service at the forefront.

With Tevalis’ range of EPOS platforms, QSR businesses are able to create their own technology ecosystem which meets their specific requirements, whilst putting key benefits such as efficiency, speed of service, enhanced customer satisfaction levels and profitability at the forefront.

Bespoke EPOS

Explore a powerful POS system which has been built for speed of service, whilst providing your business with a tailored set up which meets your full operational requirements. Designed to ensure data entry journeys are short so that less time is spent at the POS and more time can be spent focusing on great customer service.

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Kitchen Management System

Streamline your kitchen processes and empower your kitchen teams, with a tailored Kitchen Management System (KMS) which works around your particular kitchen structure. The Tevalis KMS provides the flexibility to be set up in a variety of ways, including separate screens for different prep sections with that team’s own permission sets and much more.

  • Customisable set up including layouts, permissions, fonts, colours and functionalities.
  • Intuitive timers and alerting features to increase accuracy and efficiency.
  • Streamline the customer experience and team communication with connected collection screens.
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Self Service

Say goodbye to queuing customers when you put the ordering process into your guest’s hands. To provide operators with a self-service option which fits their service style, Tevalis have two key options including free standing bespoke self-service kiosks. Secondly, the digital eMenu, also known as TevMenu, which enables customers to utilise a digital menu at their table, rather than a hard copy menu.

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Centralised Management

Consolidate your system changes across all sites with the intelligent cloud-based Head Office module, Centralised Management. For multi-site operators, or even independents who wish to have full control of their systems away from site, this is the answer to maximised efficiency. If you’d like to streamline your processes and make system changes from one place without sending manual emails to each GM at each site, Centralised Management is the solution.

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Delivery Integrations

Consolidate your technology and focus on your customers, whilst offering an additional revenue stream with a competitive edge, with integrated Tevalis EPOS and industry leading delivery platforms.

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