7 Reasons To Switch To Digital Menus

March 12, 2019

7 Reasons To Switch To Digital Menus12th March, by Samantha WellerWhether it’s the powerful Point of Sale, Self Service solutions or Kitchen Management systems, the hospitality industry continues to adapt to the tech-centric society that we are now a large part of. So, with everything becoming digitised, why should your hard copy menus be left behind?

Our eMenu solution, TevMenu, is the answer.

Here’s 7 ways how switching to digital eMenus will benefit your business:1. Full control of content customisation

1. TevMenu has been developed with an easy self-set up process. Designed within the Tevalis Centralised Management module, users are able to upload files of their hard copy menus and begin their TevMenu build.

Simply add buttons over the products that you want your customers to be able to interact with and link it to a product on the Tevalis EPOS. From there, users can begin adding text, selecting font families, colour palettes and even choose from an array of interactive features to enhance the customer experience. For those who don’t want to be confined to the layout of their hard copy menu, users are able to upload any file and design around that. So, if teams want to start with a blank canvas and create something custom, that can be achieved too.

2. Make changes easily and efficiently

With a paper menu, the flexibility of adding new products and adapting pricing is limited, as it often requires editing the design and printing new menus, which isn’t always feasible in a timely manner. Especially for multi-site operators.

With TevMenu, teams can be dynamic with their menu updates as changes can be made in minutes, from one centralised location. Those changes can then be pushed out across selected sites and updated across all menus instantaneously, which not only improves consistency across all sites, but enhances efficiency for the team.

3. Increase revenue from automated up-selling

Hard copy menus paired with manual ordering processes and busy service, means it’s sometimes easy for front of house teams to miss out on up-selling items or relaying current promotions and offers to their guests.

However, TevMenu handles all of that, equating to a reduced dependency on manpower. Add pops up against certain items for up-selling side orders or even create space around the menu to promote existing offers, your restaurant app and much more. This way, your guests will be presented with the information that persuades them to purchase just that little bit extra during their visit. Ordering through TevMenu also means that your guests have the minimised pressure of making a purchasing decision whilst a server takes their order.

4. Reduce your printing expenses

Deploying digital menus into a business provides operators with a reduction in further costs against the re-design, printing and shipping of hard copy menus.

Alongside that, full control is put into your customers hands, from the moment they sit down, are given their TevMenu, through to making their order and making payment. This process reduces the amount of paper receipts which are printed, minimising internal business costs against peripheral items and with the added benefit of helping the environment too!

5. Increase productivity across the FOH team

With TevMenu, less time is spent by the FOH team taking orders at the table, as well as minimised time on data entry on the Point of Sale.

Therefore, this provides the team with available time to focus on other important tasks within the business, such as focusing on the guest experience and working closely with the wider team to ensure execution of tasks are on track.

6. Enhanced customer satisfaction levels

Have you ever ruled out returning to a venue due to slow service? We know that it happens and very often, it’s for an understandable reason. However, waiting times are one of the most critical points of the customer experience when dining out.

A digital menu puts full control into your guests’ hands and therefore, the time in which an order and payment is made is entirely up to them. In result, decreasing time spent waiting on the front of house team to take an order and take payment. With further time efficiencies, customer satisfaction levels will definitely rise.

7. Stay ahead of the competition

Dynamic or interactive content on a digital display always generates an elevated level of attention. Having a digital eMenu in your venue is no different and will absolutely increase engagement levels amongst visitors.

Selecting this solution, offers many benefits but above all, it truly puts you above the competition in relation to innovation. It reflects to your customers that your business is forward thinking and using technology to enhance timely processes whist enhancing their experience.

TevMenu offers operators of all sizes and across all sectors an adaptable ordering solution, providing flexibility in configuration and a cost effective set up and maintenance process. With the hospitality industry becoming more tech conscious and many traditional methods turning digital, eMenus most definitely look to be the next solution to take the industry by storm.

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