Partner Collaboration Spotlight with Tevalis X London Shuffle Club

February 6, 2024

Located in the heart of Shoreditch, London Shuffle Club is the home of the supercharged game of shuffleboard. A brilliant competitive socialising concept that serves a range of customers.

The only UK venue with both lane and table shuffle under one roof, meaning there’s a game for everyone.

Exclusive Interview with Miguel Franco at London Shuffle Club

In an exclusive interview with Miguel Franco, Operations Director at London Shuffle Club, we delved into the transformative power of our tech integrations!


Miguel emphasises the positive impact on their tech integrations. S4labour streamlined operations, addressing past productivity challenges. HGEM enhanced customer insights, while our automated order processing and integrated with accounts. Wireless Social revolutionised data capture, allowing precise targeting and proof of presence. Together, these solutions have elevated efficiency, customer engagement, and overall business growth.





Key Takeaways

⏰💰 Time and Money Saver: S4labour’s end-to-end solution revolutionised labour and payroll, saving valuable resources.

🌟🚀Reputation Soared: HGEM boosted average review ratings from 4.37 to 4.64, doubling review response ratings.

🔄🤖Effortless Stock Control: Our automated stock management through their EPOS, freeing up staff for customer-focused tasks.

🚀🔓 Increased Engagement: Recent months have seen a surge in logins, new users, repeat logins, and marketable users, intensifying customer interaction and unlocking possibilities for impactful marketing campaigns.

London Shuffle Club

How we helped London Shuffle Club flourish

  • Comprehensive stock management
  • Flexibile and scalable solutions for future growth
  • Fully connected system with key integrations

"At the heart of London Shuffle Club's transformative journey are our tech integrations. These integrations have boosted our efficiency, deepend customer engagement, and fueled business growth. Our investment in rolling out systems that speak to each other has been a strategic move that supports our ongoing expansions."

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