Tevalis & me&u: Promoting venue success and growth

June 5, 2023

About me&u: 

Leading hospitality technology scale-up, me&u is on a mission to transform the global hospitality industry for the better. Founded in 2018, me&u was conceptualised by Founder Stevan Premutico, to transform the traditional ordering experience in a bid to solve the deep-rooted structural issues that have been the Achilles heel of the hospitality industry for decades. me&u’s smart technology and human-led value systems are at the core of driving this transformation by offering highly personalised ordering experiences and payment options for both customers and venues around the world. For more information visit,


Comment on the importance of a technology ecosystem for customers. 

WD: It’s impossible to stress the importance of having an interconnected technology ecosystem in your venue, because it maximises efficiency through streamlining operations, increases revenue through capitalising on various ways to order and pay in your venue and online, generates more accurate actionable data consolidated from various platforms, and provides an exceptional customer experience.

What is your advice for venue growth in 2023? 

WD: By letting technology do the heavy lifting for them, it allows operators to focus on growth. By having strong reporting giving actionable data, changes can be made to increase efficiencies, whether that’s reporting on staff efficiency, streams of revenue from various platforms, customer insight or inventory management, it all allows for more fluid operation and growth.

What should venues prioritise for success? 

WD: During the current economic climate, hospitality customers are more selective in where and how often they go out, so being able to offer customers a unique experience, we’ve seen this through the success and growth of the likes of social gaming and leisure venues, and bars and dining venues with exceptional or interesting concepts.

Comment on the overall benefits of partnering with me&u for mutual customers. 

WD: Order and pay is a concept that’s here to stay in UK hospitality, with growing adoption rates and constant innovation in the product, which is being spearheaded by the team at me&u. Our mutual clients are seeing revenue increases since adoption with a higher spend per head, increased customer satisfaction in a streamlined order and paying process, and overall revenue increases with faster turning of tables. me&u work closely and efficiently with our mutual clients, ensuring they’re making the most of the solution.

What trends are you starting to see in the UK for the hospitality industry? 

WD: We’re seeing an increase in experience-led activities in hospitality, linked with more ways to order and gain customer loyalty than ever before. Hospitality is truly embracing the role of technology as being key to their success and survival during a tumultuous time.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry today, and how do you stay ahead of them?

WD: The biggest challenges faced by hospitality are two-fold, the first being staff shortages in the industry, for the first time ever there are far more jobs than there are people to fill them. To counter this utilising the best technology to mitigate the need for more staff than is necessary, through having efficient means for your customers to order and pay, there’s less requirement for staff on the floor at any given time, but the customers are still having a great experience. The second biggest challenge is the rising costs faced by the industry, and again, with the help of technology this can be mitigated to an extent as well, utlising strong ordering and loyalty platforms allowing you to increase customer spend through up-selling and cross-selling, and getting customers in the venue gaining their spend in the first place.

What are some of the biggest trends you see in forming partnerships in this industry, and how do you stay ahead of these trends?

WD: After driving partnerships and integrations as integral in changing consumer behaviour and operational conditions and environments, we’re seeing a much higher demand for inter-connected technology. This has led to the hospitality industry, our clients, becoming the driver for partnerships and integrations, rather than the suppliers themselves. To stay ahead of these trends the focus must be on delivering truly world class integrations, and being selective in choice of partners, to ensure our clients are getting the best possible, seamless, solution.

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