What Technology Do Restaurants Use To Enhance Business Operations? | Case Study – Ping Pong Restaurants

March 15, 2017

What Technology Do Restaurants Use To Enhance Business Operations? | Case Study – Ping Pong Restaurants15th March 2017, by Samantha WellerThe Tevalis EPOS and Management systems can be seen in a large spectrum of hospitality venues from Casual Dining Restaurants, Hotels, Pub Chains to Michelin Star Restaurants. Now, we also work alongside popular London chain restaurant – Ping Pong.Tevalis Ping Pong AppDescribed as a lively group of restaurants that serve Dim Sum, Cocktails and Chinese teas, Ping Pong needed a full innovative EPOS solution across their nine sites in London. At Tevalis, we are specifically designed to handle the demanding pressures of the hospitality industry and have development resource to create custom solutions and in result, we were the chosen provider to implement the system.

Having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and an integration to an app were two important functionalities that Ping Pong had to have. To ensure they received the best solution, we partnered with MyCheck for their app and Acteol to host the CRM.

This enabled the customers experience and journey at Ping Pong to become more efficient, allowing them to pay at their tables using a code generated on the app. Now, those who visit any of their sites can pay for specific items, split the bill with anyone else who has the app as well as monitor their order and spend throughout the visit with the touch of a button.

It was also vital for Ping Pong to have a system which could keep up with the speed of their business, control their stock and allow the team to watch how their business was performing in real time. Therefore, at Tevalis, we offered both our advanced Stock Management and Reporting Enterprise modules.

Stock Management, which provides purchasing, invoicing, delivery tracking, recipe engineering and menu modelling to control the entire stock process, is now part of the system that they use every day, taking advantage of a certain feature that Tevalis call Recipe Engineering. Jonny, IT Manager at Ping Pong says:

“Being able to add recipes into a system is paramount to us, knowing the GP, being able to develop food and understand new items and exactly what the cost is. So having a system that’s simple enough to use, so our head chef, head barman can go in, play with the system, play with the weights and types of spirits that they’re going to put in and come out with is brilliant.”

Monitoring business data was also crucial for Ping Pong to be able to do. With the ability to centrally analyse business performance of the entire estate, selected groups or individual branches, it was decided by the Ping Pong team that having the Reporting Enterprise module was essential.

Yanna, General Manager at the Covent Garden restaurant says:

“We can make business decisions based on reports that we can view anytime, any day. We do ordering based on the reports, the app they have enables management to see sales as we go and what we sell the most, so decisions made are coming from reports, Tevalis are definitely a big support for the business.”

Choosing us as their EPOS provider, all Ping Pong sites now have a fully integrated system tailored to their exact requirements alongside extra features that will future benefit both the Ping Pong team and each customer that walks through the door.

“Tevalis understand Ping Pong and that’s what I need from one of my suppliers. They understand where we’re going, where we want to take Tevalis and the system and they’re dynamic enough to do that” – Jonny Fox, IT Manager.

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