Bespoke Inns

March 5, 2016

Bespoke Inns

Bespoke Inns

Now with three sites, Bespoke Inns which started in 2009, is defying the slump in the pub industry.

With sites that include The Dragon, in nearby Willington, Harpur’s of Melbourne and The Boot Inn in Repton, which includes it very own micro – brewery, that provides all three sites, Bespoke Inns are showing how the pub industry still has life left in it.

All three sites that have been acquired by Bespoke Inns have undergone major refurbishments after being taken over. All three sites are thriving and bookings are definitely recommended in order to get a table.


 Choosing Tevalis Bespoke Inns have allowed themselves a fully supported EPoS system that allows them to keep constant track of their stock and daily running of their business with the Enterprise system being updated every 15 minutes from each site.

With the ability to be anywhere in the world and have access  to all three sites, Bespoke Inns now how a constant view of their growing business and trends within it. 


We provide 24/7 365 support.

Our EPOS solutions are fast, reliable and feature rich.