Hand Held

Cross platform technology, designed to increase speed of service

At Tevalis, we want to ensure that during those peak hours of service, maximum efficiency and profitability is achieved for your teams and the business. With our Handheld Ordering solution, operators can be confident that those are the results they’ll see.

Increased Speed of Service

Orders will be sent directly to the Pos from the device, anywhere at anytime around the venue.

High Levels of Productivity

Less time is spent on traditional data search and entry, therefore increasing time to be spent on other important tasks around the business.

Easy Set Up

Our Handheld solution is available on the app store, meaning you can easily install onto any device, ready to go in minutes.

Use Your Own Device

With TevX, your team can use any device which even includes your ow smartphone.

Our Handheld Ordering solution, also known as TevX, uses cross platform technology and is now available for any IOS,Windows, Android device. This means the choice of hardware is entirely in your hands, whilst opening up the handheld market to many different environments.

Users can expect an extremely light and fast design, which duplicates your Pos for familiarity and easy navigation and therefore reduces data input time for servers.

No connection? No problem.

With Tevalis ‘restful service’ technology, orders can be processed offline in the handheld device with no database connection required to the master terminal. Instead, orders are stored locally on the device and once it reaches the Pos Wi-Fi network, it will automatically send delayed orders across the network for preparation and processing.

Overall, a reliable solution which is ready to increase customer satisfaction levels and enhance efficiency across your venue.


The main goal for mobile ordering is to improve profitability and customer satisfaction – something the handheld ordering system from Tevalis can help with easily and quickly.

Our mobile hand held ordering solutions enable you to accomplish this goal by reducing errors, improving customer waiting times, and increasing sales. Additionally, our hand held solution allows your in-house and external personnel to reach higher levels of productivity, as less time is spent on traditional data search and entry Epos Terminals.

The Tevalis mobile hand held solutions provide a state of the art hand held terminal with all the full functionality you would receive from a standard POS terminal, thus giving huge flexibility to your business. Tevalis Mobile operates on light weight wireless hand held tablet device of a 5″, 8.1″ or 10″ touch screen size. The Hand Held technology operating seamlessly in conjunction with the main EPOS terminals. The modern and smart design fit into various applications for use in Fine Dining Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants, Bar’s, Nightclubs, Cafe’s, Bistros as well as the Catering and Events markets.

Operating on the Microsoft Windows platform and utilising a larger screen than standard PDA ordering devices, waiting staff can easily and quickly locate product keys and input orders at the customers table and transmit the order directly to kitchen order printers, without needing to visit the bar terminal. As a result order processing time is much faster, ensuring the customer is served quickly and efficiently.

Introducing Tevalis Mobile into your business is the perfect solution to add to your EPOS system for queue busting during busy periods, enhancing levels of customer service and increasing revenues.


Improve Profitability

See your profits increase exponentially using the Tevalis handheld ordering system.


Reduce Errors

Tevalis Epos can enhance the operation of your restaurant, helping improve your customers dining experience.


Improve Satisfaction

The perfect solution for queue busting at busy times, enhancing customer service and increasing revenue.


Increase Sales

Increase order processing times to push more people through your doors and drive your sales up.

State of the Art

Look no further than our handheld ordering solution to make positive changes to your business today.

Modern & Smart Design

The technology fits into various applications for use in fine dining and quick service restaurants, bistros, cafes and bars.

Full Functionality

Easy to use, reliable and compact. Your members of staff will love the handheld device.

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