EPOS Solutions to Suit You

EPOS Solutions To Suit You

  • 20th of September, by Chloe Chamberlain
EPOS Solutions

Tevalis are the UK’s leading supplier of innovative and advanced EPOS technology, proudly developed in-house to suit the individual needs of our ever-growing client base.

We offer a range of fully integrated software and hardware solutions, having installed over 6500+ systems in the hospitality industry. Our bespoke EPOS technology is tailored to our client’s requirements, ensuring it provides them with key benefits related to their specific operation both now and in the future.

Since our establishment in 2005, we have strived to provide the best EPOS systems available, constantly evolving the Tevalis EPOS range to ensure our clients are getting the maximum benefit out of their solutions.

Our market-leading point of sale systems includes key platforms and features such as:

  • Front of House solutions which meet the needs of any food and beverage environment to help make table management and service easier, in turn driving revenue. Our Front of House systems boast simple product maintenance, tailored layouts, fast and responsive touch screens, and multiple payment methods including Apple Pay.
  • Handheld Ordering which provides the hospitality industry with maximum productivity and increased speed of service during peak hours when you need it the most. Our handheld ordering solution, TevX, is equipped with a sleek and modern design and the functionality that you’d expect from the Tevalis POS system.
  • Table Management hospitality EPOS technology which enables peak service hours to become more streamlined whilst helping to enhance your customers dining experience. With this feature, front of house teams are able to monitor exactly what stage their customers are at with automated colour statuses per table, alongside quick table tools which eliminates further time spent at the POS and more time spent enhancing the customer experience.
  • Chip & Pin feature which opens the door to seamless, fully integrated card payment transactions. This allows you to complete 100% accurate transactions in seconds.
  • Messaging Facilities to make communication between front of house staff and kitchen staff easier than ever. Effective communication during those busy shifts is key to your business success, and our messaging facility will ensure you can swiftly communicate messages across all departments through alert features.
  • Split bill also known as Go Dutch, makes splitting bills easy and efficient with a simple drag and drop functionality which even ensures you can split shared items such as sharing platters or bottles of wine.
  • Back Office software which helps you make light work of stock control, product and pricing control, performance analysis, consolidated system updates across all sites and the management of promotions.
  • Kitchen Management System which supports multiple views, recalling of items and tickets, automatic switching of orders to another screen and more. The Tevalis Kitchen Management System is one of the most advanced on the market, working seamlessly as a sidekick to the POS.
  • Self Service Kiosks are the next big thing in EPOS technology, and our self service kiosks will help improve speed of service and increase sales through up-selling by allowing your customers to freely interact with your menu.

…and many more EPOS solutions which you can learn more about here.

With the standards of customer service becoming higher and higher in the hospitality industry due to technological advancements, the demand for fast, reliable and bespoke point of sale systems is growing. At Tevalis, we can provide you with a flexible, tailored solution to suit you. If you’d like to explore more of what we offer, please contact us on 0330 002 1555 or email info@tevalis.com.

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