Tevalis are now integrated with Deliveroo!

April 10, 2019

Tevalis are now integrated with Deliveroo!10th April, by Samantha Weller

An integration with Tevalis and leading ordering platform, Deliveroo, is now available to all operators utilising a Tevalis technology suite across their premises.

Deliveroo have become one of the most well known delivery businesses today, founded in London, 2013. It now operates across two hundred cities in the UK, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. With over 6 million users, the team have conquered rapid success and continue to expand their horizons to help deliver great food to consumers.

Here at Tevalis, we understand that customer satisfaction levels are one of the most important aspects for our clients and that’s an area we always take into consideration when expanding our technology suite. To ensure that we’re able to assist with increased efficiencies, whilst helping to expand the offering which restaurateurs have, we have integrated the Tevalis Epos with Deliveroo.

What does this integration offer?

The Tevalis Epos receives orders from Deliveroo through the online ordering API. Displaying these orders on the point of sale, the Deliveroo tickets can be updated with progress by the kitchen or front of house team, including in kitchen, ready for collection and collected. The status information is then updated on Deliveroo for the consumer to keep them up to date on their order progress.


  1. Your customer makes an order through Deliveroo.
  2. Your team then accepts (or rejects) the order on the tablet supplied by Deliveroo, located on site.
  3. On acceptance, Tevalis extracts the pending order details onto the point-of-sale.
  4. The team then cooks the order and updates the order status via the Tevalis Epos.
  5. The order is then collected from the Deliveroo driver.
  6. Complete!


“Integrating with Deliveroo has been a high priority in our development pipeline, as it offers enhanced transparency on aggregated online/app orders whilst increasing efficiencies for the service staff. This results in further revenue and better analysis to really ensure our customers are delivering the highest of service to their guests and remain profitable.” – Chris Joliffe, Head of Sales.

A fantastic addition to the Tevalis integration suite, empowering our clients across all sectors in providing a seamless delivery service to their guests, whilst making the process for the team as efficient and profitable as possible.