Looking For A Staff Management Solution? Tevalis & Planday

March 1, 2018

Looking For A Staff Management Solution? Tevalis & Planday.1st March 2018, by Samantha WellerWithin the hospitality, leisure and gaming industries, employees typically work on a shift-by-shift basis. These industries face a widespread problem in relation to the organisation of their labour and staff management. With Tevalis and our integration to Planday, we are now able to solve these issues.So, who are Planday and how can they benefit your business?Planday specialise in staff rota and management software, enabling businesses around the world to better their communication and plan in advance. Their software empowers managers to make smarter employee decisions, spend less time on scheduling tasks and improve communication in the work place. When businesses use Planday, they can expect:
Efficient scheduling
Businesses often have a recurring schedule that they reuse – this can be saved as a template in Planday. You are then able to use your template as the foundation of your weekly schedule, whilst being able to fine tune it to fit the needs of each week.Integrated payroll

Once a worker has punched in and out, managers can approve the final hours that were worked, giving an overview of hours worked and payroll costs. After time sheets have been approved, managers can simply export them to their preferred payroll system.Full time and attendance tracking

Planday’s Punch Clock feature allows employees to quickly clock in and out through the app. Managers can set up location-specific clock-in rules, so employees can only clock-in through the app if they’re actually at work. Staff can also say when they prefer to work, making it easier to avoid scheduling conflicts in advance.

Targeted communication

Users of Planday can send updates to all staff members when they clock-in, so everyone knows about upcoming changes. They can also quickly message or SMS individual employees or groups of employees, all through the application.Increased transparency
Employees can message each other about trading shifts or finding a last minute replacement without management having to do it for them. However, managers still maintain ultimate control over the schedule, since they can approve or reject each shift swap request.How does the Tevalis/Planday integration work?With the Tevalis and Planday partnership now in place, operators can be reassured that their labour management process will be seamlessly integrated for ultimate efficiency.

Firstly, the sales revenue from the Tevalis point of sale is imported into the Planday software so management can also analyse the cost of labour against the businesses sales. With access to this information, key decisions can then be made to ensure labour costs are kept down in the business when necessary.

Furthermore, for those who don’t want to clock in and out using the Planday tool each time they arrive and leave work, they can use the clock in and out function on the Tevalis touchscreen terminals instead. That information is also shared with Planday and imported into their software, so operators can be sure that they are receiving the reliable information needed to keep track of the teams working hours.With both Tevalis and Planday in place, operators across all sectors within the hospitality, leisure and gaming industries, can have access to a comprehensive and efficient staff management tool like no other on the market. All in place, to save your team time and to make the running of your business much easier.Interested in knowing more about our integration with Planday?Call a member of the Tevalis Sales Team on:
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