How Can Our Kitchen Management System Benefit Your Business?

October 25, 2017

How Can The Tevalis Kitchen Management System Benefit Your Business?26th October 2017, by Samantha WellerFor many operators, the main objective is to serve quality food to guests in an efficient manner, whilst creating an enjoyable dining experience for all customers. In return, this benefits the business in multiple ways from improving customer satisfaction to increasing profit margins. So, how can operators and their teams use our Kitchen Management System to ensure they’re maximising on efficiency? There is no denying that kitchen teams work in an incredibly fast paced and often, hectic, environment. Therefore, to ensure operations always run smoothly, a high level of speed, organisation and accuracy needs to be maintained. All of which, are often compromised on when using a kitchen printer alone and can cause unnecessary and avoidable issues. This includes tickets being easily lost alongside having to manually organise, prioritise and manage incoming orders.

Therefore, to make sure those issues are resolved, Tevalis have released a comprehensive Kitchen Management System, developed to empower and assist your team during service.

What exactly can you expect from the Tevalis Kitchen Management Solution?

Integrated with the Tevalis point of sale, the kitchen management solution has been developed through client consultation to ensure that the software is inclusive of features and functionalities that are truly beneficial to the team whilst being easy to use.

Functionality wise, we support several ticket views to ensure that the team has a range of options to choose from to suit how they operate. The layout on the screen can also be split into two for different sections around the venue. With this, permissions can be set to ensure only team members working within that particular section can manage those orders, items and stages on a ticket. Particularly useful for venues who make full use of working within sections or even for those who have plural kitchens.

Those working on the food pass can also have set controls over the kitchen management system. For example, food runners may want to have a screen which will give them the ability to bump items once they’ve taken the orders to the table, meaning organisation on the pass is also maximised. Expo Spy
A feature enabling management to switch between various screens (kitchen and expo) for clearer analysis of operations.Bump
With a simple tap, full orders or specific items can be ‘bumped’, meaning they will be removed as a sign of completion.Recall
The recall button simply allows users to bring back the previous item which was bumped.Multiple Tickets Per Bill
If this setting is on, then items added to a bill at a later time will create a new ticket. Otherwise, new items will be added to existing tickets.Buttons
All buttons which are displayed on the KMS can be shown or hidden selectively for specific users.Timers
Timers can be set on certain orders, which will count upwards to show how long the ticket has been active for. Alerts
Now, kitchen teams can be clearly alerted with noises when a new order has been put through the system.Flash Seconds
When the flash seconds feature is enabled and the status of a ticket changes, (e.g if mains away is sent) the ticket will flash for X seconds.Texts/Colour/Size
All text, colour and sizing, can be configured to suit your teams personal preference, making orders easier to manage visually. Priority
Priority buttons allow users to bring a ticket to the front of the queue. A symbol can also be used to indicate this ticket is urgent.With the diverse range of functionalities offered, we’re confident and have seen first-hand that kitchen teams can reap the many benefits of using this streamlined and versatile system. For those looking to eliminate risks of miscommunication, minimise delays with orders and increase organisation and efficiency, then the Tevalis KMS is the ideal solution.Do you have a question regarding our Kitchen Management System or would you like a demonstration?

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