Village Hotels

Village Hotels

At Tevalis, we’re extremely proud to announce that in 2017 we were chosen to be the new Epos technology partners for Village Hotels. Our teams have deployed a range of market-leading technology solutions into all 29 Village Hotel venues across the UK, helping to consolidate their technology ecosystem and provide an improved experience for all guests moving forward.

About Village Hotels

The Village Hotels brand has become one of the most established in the hotelier industry. Today, the sites have rapidly expanded to reach 29 single venues across the UK. Not only do the hotels offer contemporary and relaxing accommodation, but they also accommodate in many other areas too, with everything a visitor could need under one roof. This includes:

• Business Rooms – Spacious meeting areas which are inclusive of Wi-Fi, reserved parking and dedicated conference teams should visitors require that service. Alternatively, there are a variety of other spaces to work alone, hold a meeting or simply chat with friends, colleagues and clients over a quick bite to eat or a coffee.

• Restaurants – Each hotel also features a choice of places to indulge, such as Starbucks, fine and casual dining restaurants alongside their own British pubs.

• Gyms – With their own best class gyms, Village Hotels feature the latest equipment to ensure all guests and members can train even whilst they’re away from home.

Alongside this, each hotel has the capacity and flexibility to cater to various occasions throughout the year, from Christmas parties through to Weddings and everything in between. Overall, making Village Hotels the perfect venue for any event.

What technology have we implemented?

Tevalis Bespoke Software Development | Centralised Management | Business Reporting | Self Service Kiosks | Mobile App Development

We’ve used our development skills to ensure that the teams at Village Hotels have a bespoke Epos set up across all areas of their business, from the Pubs and Restaurants through to the QSR outlets such as Starbucks. With this, they have the features required to ensure efficiency and accuracy during service is always achieved. With our Epos Designer functionality, users can also go back into the system to customise the visual aspects of the Pos as they desire. In result, meaning the system can be as visual and co-ordinated as an operator needs. Now, bespoke Epos software has been implemented across over 220 seamless touchscreen till points across all sites.

Self Service | Meeting Rooms

The conference rooms at Tevalis are a core area for many guests who travel with work, to discuss business in a comfortable setting. Prior to installing Tevalis, the way guests could order food and beverage from these rooms was limited. The answer? Deploying self service 10.1″ tablets on wall mounted ‘swing stands’, where users can order from any of the outlets on the site and have it delivered straight to their meeting room. With a simple ‘press to release button’ the tablet will be released from the stand, allowing users to pass it around the table for large orders. Overall, a solution which is now a key contribution to enhancing customer experience.

Enterprise Suite

Our number one management module, Business Reporting, was a key tool for the team at Village Hotels. With this implemented, operators can access real time business data when required. The team at Village can now analyse business performance across the entire estate with ease. Alongside this, with 29 sites across the UK, having a way to make changes across the entire estate, was essential. Therefore, Centralised Management is now utilized where menu changes can be made within minutes.


To ensure we offered a best of breed and consolidated system, we integrated with a range of third party businesses. This includes Experp CRM for gym memberships, Hetras PMS and BlueRunner for a bespoke mobile application.

At Tevalis, our aim is to always gain a full understanding and insight into the team’s business goals to ensure we’re able to meet their full technology requirements for both now and in the future.

Now, the teams at Village Hotels have a consolidated and bespoke technology ecosystem which offers full adaptability and flexibility as their requirements expand with business growth. With a strong partnership formed on the foundations of the new technology roll out, we’re confident Village Hotels will experience a large array of benefits whilst being at the peak of technological innovation.

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