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Technology Solutions

7 Reasons To Switch To Digital Menus

The hospitality industry has really adapted to the tech-centric society that we are now a large part of. With everything becoming digitised, why should your hard copy menus be left behind?

Technology Solutions

The Sum of all Parts | Tevalis Talking Tech

In our in the final instalment of our Talking Tech series with Restaurant Magazine, we’re focusing on how the Tevalis Ecosystem integrates with other major technology solutions on the market…

Technology Solutions

Capturing Data | Tevalis Talking Tech

This month in our Talking Tech series, we uncover the second layer of the Tevalis Ecosystem, detailing the remaining management modules within the Enterprise layer.​…

Technology Solutions

Handheld Ordering & Self Service Kiosks | Tevalis Talking Tech

Over the past decade, restaurants have been gradually moving away from traditional methods and replacing them for innovating technology solutions. This month, we’re detailing Handheld Ordering and Self Service Kiosks…


How To Make Sure Those Christmas Shifts Are A Success.

We’ve Seen First-Hand How In-Efficient Solutions Can Affect A Business Negatively. That’s Exactly Why During The Most Hectic Season Of The Year, It’s Crucial That The Technology Implemented Into Your Business Doesn’t Let You Down…


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