Why Restaurateurs Should Attend Trade Shows…

July 17, 2019

Whether you’re opening a new business venture or already operate a thriving restaurant (or any other business in FnB), trade shows have become a must visit for operations at any stage.

Hospitality targeted events feature exhibitors across all areas from interior, food and drink suppliers, technology, work-wear and much more. It’s important to note that trade shows do differ, where some may hold space for 300 suppliers and others in the thousands.

However, the leading exhibitions share key benefits for all business owners. Here are a few notable reasons why attending an exhibition should be added to your list of things to do this year…

Try before you buy

We’ve all experienced purchasing an item online, to then find out upon its delivery that it wasn’t entirely what we expected. This problem is removed at trade shows, as each supplier features their products live for viewing and demonstrations.

This is particularly useful when browsing high investment products, such as EPOS technology. The wrong decision with a product like this, can result in additional costs further down the line when the system is no longer fit for purpose and therefore needs replacing. So, it’s important to get the decision right sooner rather than later.

With the opportunity to receive upfront demonstrations at an exhibition and taking Point of Sale as an example, you as the restaurateur have a true insight into how the Front of House and Back of House solutions perform and what benefits they can provide your business with.

Nothing puts your trust in a product like testing it out first.

Explore the latest innovations

With the hospitality industry continuing to rapidly evolve as well as becoming increasingly competitive, it comes as no surprise that others in the industry are now in demand for products which can offer their business with a competitive edge.

Exhibitions are a hot spot for sourcing the latest innovations. Whether that’s discovering exciting AI technology or the latest in self-service platforms, events such as Restaurant & Bar Tech LIVE have it all.

There’s always more to learn

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business, there’s always something new to learn. Attending a trade show is one of the main ways to gain access to a large array of information from industry experts.

Expect to find a large variety of seminars, talks and presentations, providing you with the chance to learn about the latest business practices, innovations and trends.

Similarly, if you’re on a new business journey on the search for some marketing tips and advice, then events like this are a great place to find exactly that.

The networking opportunities are second to none

Those attending an expo, whether that’s a visitor or exhibitor, are there with a shared interest. To gain information and to provide it. Therefore, what better way to network and spread the word about your business, than attending a dedicated industry event with hundreds of key contacts available to you in one space?

Another great thing about this is that exhibitions are set within a professional yet very social environment, which makes networking even easier. Be sure to take plenty of business cards!

There may be a monetary benefit for you…

Let’s be transparent, suppliers are hosting their products and services at exhibitions at a cost with the purpose to meet their target audience, alongside networking with business partners and even sourcing new products for themselves.

With that in mind, it has become one of the best places to meet suppliers face to face, providing more room for negotiation over other platforms such as purchasing online. Receiving a discount at trade shows is not guaranteed, but it certainly isn’t uncommon.

Alongside browsing industry leading suppliers and being presented with fantastic networking opportunities such as meeting culinary masters, attending exhibitions are free and therefore the value they offer is undeniable. Also expect to leave with a bag filled with freebies, enabling you to test out products before taking the leap.