The Breakfast Club

May 19, 2016

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

A family caf business (caf not café) doing a mean old all day food and drink offering. We seem to be fairly well known for our banging brunches – rumour has it we invented Breakfast. The rumours are unfounded. A man called Kellog did. We also turn our hand to some wonderful lunches and evening meals accompanied by a drinks menu that encompasses barista made coffees through to award winning cocktails.

Our cafes are all very, very different. New cafes excite the hell out of us, why would we want to do the same thing again and again (that’s something we’ve never understood) Whether it’s the bright yellow junk room that is our Soho cafe or the Wigan Casino inspired Canary Wharf caf – there’s a little something for everyone. We are here for everybody – your mum or your boss, your 80 year old grandma or your famous boyfriend, it’s an everyone is welcome kind of place.

 With multiple sites across London and stretching out to a site in Brighton, The Breakfast Club needed a system that allowed each site to create bespoke dishes but also have a unified menu throughout all sites. Tevalis allows this feature and more for the growing brand. With the Tevalis EPoS system The Breakfast Club have a uniquely designed system that is tailored specifically to their needs.



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