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Explore an EPOS technology suite that utilises an efficient POS system, Handheld Ordering to enhance speed of service or a Kitchen Management System to provide the ultimate streamlined ticket control and management.

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A powerful, reliable technology suite which puts profitability and speed of service at the forefront of your operation.

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Get a fast performing and reliable technology system that will improve your front of house activities, speed of service and profitability.

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We can provide the adaptability required to meet the specific requirements of your hotel operations.

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Decrease the queues at the bar with our Handheld Ordering, or explore mobile ordering & pre-ordering for executive boxes.

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Get a flexible and powerful POS system that can process a high volume of sales across multiple areas, whilst providing additional platforms to push your business forward in service and analysis.

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We offer flexible front and back technology solutions to meet the requirements of key sectors within the Leisure industry.

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Our technology suite provides a flexible POS system which can meet the bespoke requirements of each individual vendor and provide the ability to consolidate for top level management.

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We believe in a connected EPOS technology

Our ecosystem provides the flexibility to meet the requirements of every hospitality operation across three key layers:

On-Premise through a bespoke hospitality driven software, which operates on our high performing touchscreen till points, self service kiosks, kitchen screens and the latest handheld devices.

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Point Of Sale
Handheld Ordering
Kitchen Management
Self Service

Point Of Sale

Intuitive, powerful and reliable, the Tevalis Point of Salf our clients and industry protessionals to ensure the features and functionalities available meet the demands and evolving requirements Or the hospitality industry.

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Enterprise Suite cloud-based management applications that seamlessly integrate with the On-Premise solutions.

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Business Analytics
Stock Management
Centralised Management
Cash Management
Enterprise Apps

Business Analytics

We know how important it is to analyse and monitor your business performance across all areas of the business. The Tevalis Business Analytics module has become a key reporting tool within the Enterprise Suite, providing a range of detailed reports to allow management and head office to make key business decisions.

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Integrations with other experts across a range of core areas allow us to ensure every operator receives a connected and state-of-the-art technology system.

"The key to any successful project is the team. Here, Tevalis excel. They have a product and are professional, helpful and very knowledgeable. The system is easy to use and at the same time extremely comprehensive. We are looking forward to gaining all the benefits it has to offer!”

Steve Middleton

“We felt that Tevalis offered a whole system solution which included everything we wanted and did it in a user-friendly way which we really liked. Tevalis has given us a lot of opportunity to develop our business, we now have systems In place which enables our franchisees to run their business much more efficiently so they can see a lot more data to make good decisions for their business.” Tevalis has given us a lot of opportunity to develop our business, we now have systems In place which enables our franchisees to run their business much more efficiently so they can see a lot more data to make good decisions for their business."

Anthony Baker

"The Tevalis team were amazingly supportive during our first week and since then, they’ve continued to be there when we need them. Compared with the last system I worked with - Tevalis epos system is incredible. Even more importantly, we now have a reliable system which requires far less manual data entry. We have access to much better reporting and integrations between accounting and operations teams."

Richard Corrigan

“We recognised that a strength within Tevalis as a company is their ethos to build a partnership, which will enable us to explore exciting operational opportunities now and, in the years, to come. With Tevalis, we look forward to working in a dynamic technology partnership bringing innovating solutions to our business...”

Neil Cryer

Our Efficient Implementation Services

We offer a guaranteed commitment from our teams to ensure you receive support before, during and after the deployment of your technology suite.

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