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Handheld Devices VS Handwritten Orders

  • 28th October 2019, by Samantha Weller

Imagine spending less time at the Point of Sale and more time improving the customers experience, whilst increasing the accuracy of all orders? This is exactly what operators can experience when introducing a Handheld Ordering solution into their business.

When your customer is ready to order, it’s critical that the correct details are taken and in the most efficient manner. And, that the servers remember to upsell when required too. These key needs are not always achievable when using the pen and paper method in a busy environment.

Instead, written orders often present preventable issues. This includes longer waiting times due to the manual data entry and multiple trips to a fixed POS, leaving some servers waiting for another to finish. Alongside this, jotting down orders in the way we’ve been used to for so long, increases the likelihood of the order being incorrect due to unreadable, rushed writing. And, we all know that some servers secretly don’t write the order down and rely on memory…

Handheld Ordering

Handheld Ordering devices are comparable to carrying a compact Point of Sale around and have become the epitome of efficiency in the world of Point of Sale technology.

This is due to the ability to take orders and process them directly from the device itself, enabling staff to move onto the next order in a shorter period of time without the need to visit a static POS unit. With this in mind, teams and their guests can expect to experience increased speed of service.

As a wireless platform, the ability to move fluidly between waiting guests, is also a second to none benefit that teams can find from using a Handheld Ordering platform. This applies to operations which may encounter queuing customers, whether that includes customers waiting for a table or waiting at the bar for a drinks order. With a Handheld Ordering device in hand, servers can take and send orders there and then with ease. After experiencing increased efficiency and minimum wait times, guests are then more inclined to stay and wait for their table or even order more drinks.

Handheld Ordering solutions also replicate the menus from the Point of Sale, which means servers (upon taking an order) are searching for products in a pre-set system, rather than manually writing them down, decreasing human error from the very beginning.

Up-selling is also never a missed opportunity when utilising this solution, as the platform has been programmed to automate pop ups against specific items in the same way that your POS does, but using a condensed device. This includes additional toppings or sides against certain dishes, prompting the server to ask those important questions and therefore, increasing additional revenue into your business.

Handheld Ordering is becoming more and more prominent in hospitality led operations due to the key benefits they now provide over handwritten orders. Get ready to empower your teams, impress your guests and experience business success, by beginning your digital transformation with Handheld Ordering.

Your Questions, Answered.

What hardware can I use?

Various Point of Sale providers approach hardware compatibility in different ways. Some on the market may limit teams to using apple specific hardware, or maybe they only enable you to purchase the hardware that they recommend. Tevalis clients are able to use their TevX Handheld Ordering solution on any device, whether that’s IOS, Android or Windows. You can even use your own smartphone!

All we ask is that you meet the minimum specification requirements that we provide to ensure that the software runs as smoothly as possible.

Do I need to have the same POS and Handheld Ordering supplier for this to work?

We do recommend utilising the Handheld Ordering system platform developed by your Point of Sale provider. This way, you can be confident that the connection and product migration between the two systems is completely seamless at all times.

Can I operate just using a Handheld Ordering system instead of having multiple POS units around my venue?

We understand that various operations may want to deploy a subtle and minimalistic technology set up which doesn’t disrupt the aesthetic of the venue itself. This can be achieved with the latest slimline touchscreen terminals.

However, if you want to minimise the amount of hardware even further, then you have the flexibility to do so. With Tevalis, as long as the server POS is present on site (which may be located on the bar), then teams are able to operate with predominantly Handheld Ordering devices.

How does the connection work?

Every Tevalis system has a key server POS which is hard wired through a localised network, set up initially during the system installation. All additional solutions, such as Handheld Ordering, are connected to the Point of Sale system through the IP connection, feeding data through the WiFi and then through to the network.

Should the WiFi go down at any time, don’t worry, all of the data is backed up in the cloud. This means that once the internet connection is up and running again, orders will automatically be pushed through and processed as normal. This is also known as Restful Service. We choose to operate this way to ensure that our systems are secure, reliable and never rely solely on an internet connection alone.

What does the Handheld Ordering layout look like?

Every Handheld Ordering platform will differ slightly when it comes to the user interface, but overall, it should reflect the POS layout for familiarity, whilst being compact and easy to navigate on the move.

Also, it’s important that it offers more than the ability to only process orders. The platform should contain the ability to mains away, send kitchen messages and show if an item is out of stock. The same type of functionality that you would expect from the POS.

How can I see Handheld Ordering in action?

If you’d like to see TevX in action, we recommend making a visit to the Restaurant & Bar Tech LIVE show on the 19th – 20th of November. On stand E180, visitors can expect to find our full technology suite in action, including Handheld Ordering.

Alternatively, one of our consultants can meet with you at your venue. This enables us to gain a true understanding of how you operate first-hand and allows us to walk through the POS and Handheld Ordering platform in greater detail with you and your team. There is no commitment at these on-site demonstrations, just a date that we can pencil in! Or, we can simply book in a time and date for an online demonstration if that’s what you’d prefer.

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