Empower your customers with mobile ordering

Tevalis offers fully integrated and bespoke self service mobile ordering applications. Now, you can provide your customers with a seamless ordering journey at the touch of a button. From the point of ordering to on-going engagement and loyalty programs, operators can be confident in receiving a highly comprehensive solution that offers many benefits for both the customer and their business.

Drive Efficiency

With more customers using an app to order and pay, businesses can remove pressure from busy environments. In result this can create more operational efficiency.

Boosts Profits

With an app, you can encourage your customers to not only buy more but stay longer with built in up sell prompts. In return, boosting profit margins in the long run.

Capture Customer Data

Capture customer information through the app to gain insights into their spending habits. From here, you can create tailored marketing campaigns and drive additional revenue.

Increase Business Promotion

With this solution in place, you can use push notifications to promote your business without customers having to open the app, putting you a step ahead of other operators.

With business owners now starting to realise the impact this solution can have on their operations, ordering through an app has become a very popular ordering method within the hospitality industry. Our self service mobile ordering solution delivers a seamless and consistent ordering journey for users. All customers have to do is simply download their favourite restaurant app where they can then book a table, browse through the menu, place their order.

The app is completely bespoke in regards to functionality and aesthetic, ensuring up sell opportunities are taken into consideration during development. Overall, this flexible and customised platform enables the app users to browse, order and securely pay at the comfort of their table whilst providing operators with beneficial functionality that can increase their profit margins further.

Improve Guest Loyalty

Grow customer lifetime value with personalised incentives within the app and a multi channel experience.

Reduce Staff Costs

Remove the need for extra staff on shift and allow existing employees to focus on other important aspects within the business.

Fully Customisation

With this solution, clients always receive a custom made app that fits their brand and aesthetic alongside the full functionality that sits behind it.

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