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6 ways to increase efficiency during service 1

6 Ways To Increase Efficiency During Service

Eliminate any issues surrounding efficiency by reviewing your EPOS technology suite to ensure that it features time saving functionalities fit for the hospitality industry…

Epos solutions that suit you 1

EPOS Solutions to Suit You

Tevalis are the UK’s leading supplier of innovative and advanced EPOS technology, proudly developed in-house to suit the individual needs of our ever-growing client base.

Why restaurant should attend trade shows 1
Trade Shows & Events

Why Restaurateurs Should Attend Trade Shows…

Whether you’re opening a new business venture or already operate a thriving restaurant, trade shows have become a must visit for businesses at any stage…

who placed in the top 100 this year scaled 1
Trade Shows & Events

Who Placed In The Top 100 This Year?

The team from Restaurant Magazine, have been identifying the very best within the dining scene for many years at their Estrella National Restaurant Awards…

6 signs youre due an epos upgrade scaled 1

Six Signs You’re Due An EPOS Upgrade

If you find that your EPOS isn’t providing you with key benefits and instead, believe that it serves little purpose within the business, then it may be worth looking for a more effective technology investment…

How to increase loyalty amongst your customers scaled 1

How To Build Loyalty Amongst Your Customers

No matter what sector your business falls into, or the size, customer loyalty has become critical for the success of any hospitality led business…

Tevalis are now integrated with deliveroo scaled 1

Tevalis are now integrated with Deliveroo!

An integration with Tevalis and leading ordering application, Deliveroo, is now available to all operators utilising a Tevalis technology suite across their restaurant.


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