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How Can Stock Management Benefit Your Business? | Case Study – Pergola Paddington

How Can Stock Management Benefit Your Business? | Case Study – Pergola Paddington

  • 12th October 2017, by Samantha Weller

If you’re an experienced diner within the London scene, you may already be familiar with the Pergola sites, the first being Pergola on the Roof. Brought to you by the team at Incipio Group, it was soon decided after high demand, that a second venue would be introduced in West London.

When opening the new site this year, known as Pergola Paddington, head office and management knew it would be essential to start running operations with a consolidated Epos system which would give them maximum efficiency, profitability and enhanced stock management functionalities.

Previously, the business operated with an out-dated point of sale system, which instead, had very limited functionalities, minimal stock taking facilities and limited quantity of detailed reports.

As we were the chosen technology partner moving forward, Tevalis were able to provide them with an innovative system which would move the business forward in both service and in analysis.

So, what did Tevalis offer the team at the Pergola Group?

Pergola now have over fifteen seamless touch screen terminals across both sites in all food and drink areas, inclusive of our feature rich front of house and back office functionalities, also tailored to their specific requirements.

However, as a fast paced and busy environment, the team wanted to maximise on efficiency even further.

Therefore, our handheld solution was also implemented for the team. This now means that the front of house can easily take orders, process payments and provide a superior service to all customers, anywhere, at any time. In return, this increases on the businesses profitability, reduces errors, decreases waiting times and therefore improves customer satisfaction.

When consulting and demonstrating the Tevalis system to the team at Pergola, it was also very clear that it was a mandatory requirement for them to have a comprehensive stock management system in place. A core solution which they had missed out on previously.

As part of our enterprise suite, we offer a full end to end stock management solution for those who want to manage their stock takes, track their stock more accurately whilst also centralising their entire stock system.

Alongside this, the module provides users with purchase invoicing, delivery tracking, recipe engineering, menu modelling and integrations with both Sage and Xero to help reduce administration.

Lucy Whittaker, General Manager at Pergola Paddington says:

“The importance for us implementing a new system, it very much had to give us a running figure of what we have on site, Tevalis ended up being the best system for that. We log into the system, it tells you for whatever reason you’ve ran out of Rose for that week. It’s just a very up to date daily process that we never had before. Our directors love it because again, it saves them money down the line.”

One important factor for many operators in the hospitality industry, is being able to thoroughly understand their businesses performance across multiple areas, from sales to service and everything in between.

Before using Tevalis, head office and management at Pergola also had no way to access this type of data. This meant that they had very limited insight into how the business was truly operating. Alongside this, they were also missing extra opportunities to maximise on their profit margins.

Therefore, our solution for the team at both Pergola sites was to ensure that they took full advantage of our powerful Business Reporting module. Designed to deliver detailed analysis and add value to a business, this tool has become an essential part of many operator’s businesses today.

Like all of our enterprise modules, the tool absorbs data from the point of sale and in return, produces over 160 up to date detailed reports, all of which can be filtered down for specific analysis. Users can also automate reports to certain members of the team as well as converting the reports into their preferred file type.

Overall, a core tool that provides management with a chance to make those vital decisions which will benefit the businesses operations.

Another solution from our enterprise suite which has proven to be a key tool for multi-site operators, is our Centralised Management module. With the Pergola brand expanding, it was of significance importance for their head office to have branch level control over all sites from one place.

With the Tevalis Centralised Management tool, head office can make full use of managing all aspects centrally such as price changes, menu changes, promotions, VAT rates, stock levels and business performance. Now, going to each venue to manually make the same changes is no longer necessary. 

Now, Pergola now have seamless front of house software alongside cost-effective management tools hosted on our easy to access portal. In return, giving the team a fully flexible and dynamic system that can adapt to their business needs as they continue to expand.

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“Tevalis have been great for us as a business. It helps us improve our stock and therefore helps us save money and I believe we’ll end up using them at every single one of the sites moving forward.”

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