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How Can Tevalis Support The Growth Of A Multi Chain Business? | Case Study – Generator Hostels

How Can Tevalis Support The Growth Of A Multi Site Business? | Case Study – Generator Hostels

  • 10th May 2017, by Samantha Weller

At Tevalis, we understand that at the heart of any venue within the hospitality industry, is a successfully operating Epos system to ensure there is always fast service, accurate transactions and efficient management.

Throughout our years of working with Epos and with many of those at Tevalis previously working in the hospitality industry themselves, we’re aware that many hoteliers are now searching for innovative technology that will adapt to their business growth.

Due to our constant development in-house, our solutions have the structure and the capacity to offer clients a bespoke solution, operating successfully in multi site and even multi chain businesses within all areas from the bar, restaurant, room service and retail outlets.

One multi-site growing operation that we’re proud to support in the technology department is Generator Hostels

The unique, design led hostels are located in Europe’s most inspiring and exciting cities, Amsterdam, Berlin Mitte, Berlin Prenzlauer, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Stockholm and Venice. Combining affordability with luxury, Generator Hostels offer distinctively designed rooms for travellers alongside unique social events for both visitors and locals.

The venues have understandably become the fastest growing hostel brand in Europe and now, they’re extending the brand to the US and has opened in Miami this year with the Tevalis system proudly following them.

So, how can our system handle expanding multi-site operations and the development that comes with them?
Due to Generator Hostels rapid business growth, it was important for them to invest into a partnership with a technology provider which had the flexibility to cater to their evolving requirements on a long-term basis.

We personally don’t believe in an ‘off the shelf’ product when it comes to Epos, due to the lack of longevity and limited adaptability that we’ve seen those types of products offer. Instead, we want to ensure that we’re always at the peak of technological innovation with our entire offering and therefore can always provide clients with a bespoke solution that will always meet their exact requirements.

As Tevalis was born as a software development company for the hospitality industry, our experienced development team have the capacity and understanding to build and develop the software and features required from the very beginning.

For Generator Hostels, this meant they were able to have a system that 100% fulfilled their requirements across all areas, not only at the present time but for future growth as well.


What benefits does our Centralised Management module provide?
We understand that for hotels, hostels, BnB’s and the dedicated teams that work within them, head office need the ability to assess and manage the business from an operational and reporting aspect.

With the Generator Hostel brand quickly expanding around Europe and now to America, the need to make their Epos provider standard across all sites was a mandatory requirement. Even more so, they needed to ensure that the Epos provider that they did choose, could also offer the right tools to ensure head office could manage all of their sites from one location. Therefore, we offered the expanding hostels one of our core cloud based modules from our rapidly expanding enterprise suite- Centralised Management.

Over time, our experienced team have worked extensively and very closely to our clients to ensure that all of our cloud based modules offer specific features and functionalities to allow all multi-site businesses to operate as efficiently as possible. Our most recent release of Centralised Management is specifically designed for management and head office, offering full branch level control over each site. This makes it ideal for smaller operators with a handful of sites or large enterprise operations with a global network of venues such as Generator Hostels.

Within the module, users have the ability to manage price changes, promotions, VAT rates, stock levels and analyse the entire business performance through the dashboard which shows data in real time for all sites. Operators can control their entire estate of venues by having the flexibility to segment the entire estate into sub-groups or even individual venues for management control. Within any sub-group, multiple pricing structures can then also be created.

Furthermore, the packages feature has become extremely beneficial for operators who want to change their standardised menu across multiple sites without having to go to each location. This allows head office to create a new menu within a ‘package’ and set it live across their chosen sites at a specific time.

From any internet connected device, users can operate the business from one location and enjoy full branch level control over all sites with real time data. A key tool that has become a true asset for expanding businesses.


What other Tevalis enterprise solutions did Generator Hostels decide to implement?
It was crucial for management and head office that there were various other tools in place to easily analyse and manage the businesses performance. Therefore, across all sites, the teams also have access to our comprehensive Business Reporting module.

With this module activated, users have full access to over 160 individual reports in all categorised areas from service reports, cash-up, sales, security and kitchen management. Users then have the choice to view specific reports within those areas, export them to a file and select a report to add to their favourites folder for future purpose. The reports can also be filtered down in a certain currency, over a certain amount of time and over selected sites which makes it well suited for Generator Hostels who have plural sites over various countries working in various currencies. 

Automated reports can also be set up, which can be especially useful for those who need to have specific reports sent to head office by a certain time whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly.

The data included in the reports is extracted from the Pos and then directly to the Reporting module every 15 minutes, meaning all information is always up to date. The dashboard space reflects this, showing real time information on business performance such as revenue and profit. From this view, management can also filter the data by sites and product types over a specific time period which may be by the day, the week or over the last occurring months. Head office can go into as much depth as viewing the latest sales with the activity feed provided, which shows the sales going through each venue with information such as the item, the server who sold it, when exactly is was sold and the profit made. 

Overall, this gives users a detailed and accurate overview of what’s really happening within the business where they can then make core decisions from the data.



Hardware Requirements
Combined, all Generator Hostel sites now have over 100 state of the art touch screen terminals implemented, alongside our seamless 10” handhelds operating in Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam and Miami to reduce waiting times and instead, increase speed of service and customer satisfaction. 

Our state of the art handheld solution is the most complete offering on the market, allowing servers to reduce errors, improve customer waiting times as the order processing time is faster and is much quicker. Additionally, this solution allows in house and external personnel to reach higher levels of productivity as less time is spent on traditional data search and entry on Epos terminals. 

Integrating directly with the point of sale terminals, Generator Hostels in Miami chose to operate with two of our 10” mobile ordering devices with docking stations. The primary goal for handheld ordering is to improve profitability and customer satisfaction. However, the larger tablets like the Miami site have chosen are ideal to use as another till if and when necessary. This is because users can expect to see the full functionality that they would receive from a standard Pos terminal, thus giving huge flexibility to the business.


Furthermore, to comply with local fiscal laws in Italy and Copenhagen, we have developed Generator Hostels Epos system specifically to adapt to the service and tax for all European countries. Alongside this, we have trusted integrations into Sihot for Property Management Solutions and Exchequer for accounting to make the transfer of data completely seamless between systems.


With a comprehensive Tevalis Epos system and dynamic enterprise solutions in place, we’ve seen how the Generator Hostel sites have utilised technology to assist them with the success and growth of their business. As our partnership also grows, we’re now looking forward to seeing where Generator Hostels will expand to next…

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